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Technology for Diversity

Supporting People and Institutions to Regulate Diversity Conditions. 

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If Information is power,
we help you WUNA hold it.

Hold a Deadly iD & electronic credentials
to zig-zag barriers to accessibility.

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What is the problem?

Up to 90 per cent of unemployed Indigenous Australians do not access emails, electronic documents and digital identity - needed to access healthcare, employment, government services, education, banking, and other essential services. 

For companies it's been a highly unregulated environment: 

  • Indigenous identity fraud, black cladding.

  • KYC protecting the underserved diversity.

  • Discrimination in acccess to fundamental services.

  • Regulating conditions on diversity procurement.

  • 9in10 - no emails.

  • 9in10 - replacing documents annually.

  • Under-regulated community iD management systems.

  • Aboriginality evidence inconsistencies,

  • National iD for Indigenous.

  • Close the Gap - KPI requirement digital inclusion accessibility.   

Who is Hold Access Pty Ltd?

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We are three brothers from far Northwest Queensland determined to break welfare dependency cycles for Mob, leveraging the digital era. 

Since 2021, testing assumptions and carrying out piloting with more than 500 surveys to solve a complex problem for a solution that works! With an amazing team of Advisors and Software Engineers we bring a diverse solution to diverse problem connecting organizations more efficiently to human capital.  

Who do we serve?

Two subscription models are available.

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Organizations Human Account Management Software 

ID Gateway Software.png

Institutions Remote Identification 
Gateway Solution.

Our Mission is Data Sovereignty for the Vulnerable in just One Step.

WUNA is a secure decentralized environment where individual's control data they share.  Where companies and individuals are capable of regulating the amount of data they require to access or share. 

USERS(free): First Nations People / Undocumented Everywhere / Digitally Excluded
PAID LICENSE: Registered Company / Organisations / Associations / Governments. 

Recent National Awards.

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NBN aus.jpg
NBN aus.jpg
Embracing Innovation-NT Telstra BoB Award Winner_Embracing Innovation_Web-Banner_551x260.j
Building Communities-NT Telstra BoB Award Winner_Building Communities_Web-Banner_551x260.j
one step solution
National Awards

Closing diversity gaps between people and registered organizations.

Makes engagement simple, recruitment more efficient.

The Employment Journey & Conditions

  1. Remote identification

  2. 100 points of Aboriginality.

  3. Verified industry certificates.

  4. Digital identity & electronic document transcripts.

  5. Electronic CV for Recruitment .

Creating inclusive environments for client participation with inclusion.


Services Inclusion & Compliance Standards

  1. Transitions digitally.

  2. Swift engagement inclusion & accessibility

  3. Cultural recognition

  4. Reconciliation Action Plans.

  5.  Close the Gap #17 - KPI.

One place for Identification & credentials to make informed choices.


KYC for Diversity Standards & Data Verification

1. Defines diversity.
2. Data sets / analytics.
3. Electronic documents / credentials.
4. Anywhere Access to break dependencies
5. Digital Self Determination DSD.



Powering ORganizations
Compliance required for diversity

We partner with organizations seeking humanity REGTECH for a digital response in an ever-growing world of diversity requirements.

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"Our global goal is to remove the third world label as an identification, where often the color of your passport or skin tone determines your pay grade"
- The Founder.

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2021 - Indigenous  Business Innovation Champion.

Certified member logo (1).png

Certified by the NT Indigenous Business Network.

NBN aus.jpg

2021 - Australian Business Innovation Champion.

supply-nation-logo-836x1024 (1) certifie

National Business Network: Supply Nation Certified.


 Global Ambassador  of First Nations Human Service Standards. 


Regulation Technology Association Certified Member.

Start with our deadly iD, to unlock the door for sharing capabilities instantly.

Easy payment and business support to get you started.

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