All in One Software Platform

Helping people connect faster to employment to save enterprise costly pains points on the disconnected employment segments.  We transform the traditional segments with a fast and inclusive platform for an employment management system.

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Skills & Capabilities at your Finger Tips.


 Employment & Empowerment in an APP

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Workforce & PBC Member Software System

Why PBC's use HoldAccess?

Managing Indigenous Agreements


  • Negotiate Real Jobs

  • Manage Permit Access

  • Recognize Traditional Owners

  • Treaty Determination 

  • Native Title Authorised Members & Demographic Data

  • Access Cultural Safety

  • Health Self-Access Instantly

  • Training Management

  • Access Capabilities Instantly

  • Tracks Procurement Goals 

  • Training Management System

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Holding access means our workforce is always work-ready, keeping projects safe and improving core procurement targets.  


When gaining new skills the digital platform keeps me work-ready and employable.  I feel fully connected to my capabilities and self-worth.   


A human resources solution that can onboard faster and builds company culture for new world solutions.