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Regional Goal:
To empower undocumented people to hold diverse identification with access to full capabilities in their control.

Global Mission:
We partner exemplar Global SME's to deliver the most socially impactful digital technology to global partners, empowering self-determination & quality of life for all.
- Founder, Hold Access.

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"Over 1+ billion people are without identification, but there are double without documented capabilities needed to break dependency cycles."
-WUNA Discovery (2019).


"Most diverse problems require diverse solutions from diverse people" - CEO.


Byron Davis
Corporate Advisor

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Educator and Trainor 25+ Yrs

BA Social Science; Grd Cert.Education; Masters Criminology.

Diversity: Kalkadoon/Waanyi/EstArrenta

One of the most significant innovations today, definitely a win-win for all parties.   

Getting agile access is a major issue today slowing enterprises down when engaging workforce data for contracting services.   Being able to hold accurate and verified information is pertinent to running a smooth and successful enterprise.  Hold Access builds inclusion into the employment segments seamlessly.


Jason Urranndulla Davis


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Social Policy Analyst 25+ Yrs

BAJus/Crim.dbPen/IntS; GdCertAdMgt; Masters PublicHealth; Ph.D. (current).

Diversity: Kalkadoon/Waanyi/EstArrenta. 

For more than 25+ years since the discovery of the internet, I have kept finding many of us left behind due to the speed of digital innovation.  Particularly accessing easy to use file sharing and essential communication systems.  I have set out to make it easier to hold documents and access information, with or without third parties.  Seeking to help companies, government and suppliers move faster and individuals get access to opportunities more efficiently.

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Dr. Aaron Davis
First Nations Advisor

Regional & Remote Health 25+ Yrs Practitioner

BA Nursing; MBBS.

Diversity: Kalkadoon/Waanyi/EstArrenta. 

A valued Board member holding an Advisory Role with HoldAccess.  My interests have been bringing light to some of the most significant issues affecting the most vulnerable in our community.   HoldAccess is solving a major problem and creating a disruptive way to achieve positive equity with ease.

Building Digital Communities with People First.

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We Contribute to Community.

Commonly, social return companies are not-for-profit and set up to receive public funds generated from tax to operate the entities without profit.

These companies are essential in providing social needs that improve social factors and increase to close the equity gap.


Social Impact companies are seen as a double ended wrench, we are your business toolkit for getting you bigger returns with social impact!  

Helping grow revenue for the business and delivering social returns to improve wellbeing and the determinants for a quality of life for all!

We Contribute to  Economy.

Most private companies are set up to pay taxes to the government for generating revenue that funds public services. 


The private sector is the backbone of the economy, employing people who pay taxes, generating new money.