If information is power, why don't you hold access to it?

HOLD identification and ACCESS verified information anywhere you need it.

Diji Compliance / Diji Skills / Diji Identification / Diji Culture.



Things Happen.

"We are transforming work efficiency - with end to end digital inclusions."

Connecting traditional enterprise segments with people first.

Recruit & Train 

Procurement & Compliance

Employable Workforces

People & Culture 

Consumers who hold access are more competent & invested in their performance.






Diji-Wallet = Digital Toolkit  

RTO Supplier 

Value-Chain, more.

Workers are always site employable & industry compliant. 

Hold proof of  Aboriginality & adaptive work ID.  

Remote labor-force

regional skill-hubs. 

Mobile doc-drop & quality management system.

Enterprise software workforce management system.

Global workforce 

transferrable identification.

The Diji-Wallet is Built for you and your Team.

The Diji-Wallet is fast and verified access to skills and identification that streamline compliance and transform accessibility, helping companies save costs and elevate productivity. 


HoldAccess is a decentralized software platform Diji meaning: digital - Wallet, unlike the majority of enterprises with centralized software, we are transforming workforce management with a culture of inclusion.  


Reducing administration costs by more than 70% and improving work competencies to reduce risk and improve outcomes.  Built to improve retention rates of your workforce through valued connections between the employee and the employer.   

'HoldAccess secures the link between individuals and enterprises.'  

All in One Solution

More than ever holding digital access to your information needs to be fast and agile in order to streamline costly segments, into an end-to-end work value chain!


The future of work is now in your hand!

  1. Hold Access to Compliance

  2. Hold Access to Skills

  3. Hold Access to Identification

  4. Hold Access to Culture

Message Stick  Adaption.




We are realigning existing technology from the oldest surviving culture in the world surviving for more than 60,000 years - tested and proven by time itself. 

The most efficient tool used for information verification, and identification to align the principles needed for a culture of inclusion and human value. 

ECB Training Services.

It fits perfectly with procurement conditions when engaging workforce participation rates for a national proof of Aboriginality.  

- It's truly an end-to-end product solution improving safety and transforming business efficiency.   

CEO, Founder HoldAccess.

  HoldAccess has transformed traditional workforce operating segments with an innovative end to end employment value-chain.

HoldAccess resolves work compliance risks and saves businesses in lost revenue, by building a more efficient work culture.  

- We are innovating employable workforces with a culture of inclusion!

Business Solutions Expert, DIH.

A practical software solution and platform to safeguard industry compliance, by presenting enterprises with a more agile streamlined worker management solution that is innovative, fast, and workforce accessible.  

- HoldAccess is your Uber for Human Capital.

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