A bit about HoldAccess.

At HoldAccess, we are a social impact driven company, building digital communities with people first.

HoldAccess Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is about accessibility to your own information, where individuals control and hold it anywhere anytime to make informed choices faster.  



  1. People need access to their verified information and identification instantly.

  2. Enterprise need verified information and people instantly.

Our Purpose is to provide accessibility to identification and capabilities, that is 10x faster than anything on the market to better help industries and people transact value .

Our vision is to build better ways to solve the segmented industry problems and outdated work practices blocking information flows to human capital, by:

  • creating community work culture,

  • building resilient workforces and

  • enhancing career development

  • unblock industry segments to information flow.

Our success depends on our diverse team of professionals headed by Jason. 

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Jason Urranndulla Davis

CEO & Founder

Social Policy Analyst 25+ Yrs

BAJus/Crim.dbPen/IntS; GdCertAdMgt; Masters PublicHealth; Ph.D. (current).

Diversity: Kalkadoon/Waanyi/EstArrenta.

More than 25+ years of my career, I was constantly dealing with a massive number of people left behind with the digital revolution.  Particularly, with universal file-sharing and electronic communication (i.e. fax and emails). 

Today access there are 1.5 billion people without verifiable identification, and more than double without appropriate documentation.  For many it diminishes personal development opportunities to sustain a quality of life.

Companies need people to move faster, engaging individuals seamlessly for pre-employment, improving work efficiency, and helping to harness capabilities that empower growth opportunities.  We are innovating an 18th-century segmented industry with a people-first decentralized information flow to build companies and grow people.

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Jason has recently won the NBN National Innovative Business of the Year and the Indigenous Innovative Business of the Year as chosen by a panel of prestigious peers around Australia.  Most recently HoldAccess was selected as a finalist in the Telstra Best of Business Awards.


We have an awesome team of tech developers who understand the problem we are solving.   Our key touchpoints address many of the core social fabrics issues of today without complexity.

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Hold Access to your digital identity, 

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