HOLD identity  ACCESS verified documents instantly - anywhere. 

Training, Identification, Volunteering, Emergency, National Aid, Employment, Onboarding, Skills, Work Compliance, Remote Accessibility, Culture, & Offboarding.


All your information in one place - saving time and money. 

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Digital Communities & Personal Access

Helping people & businesses to move faster to opportunities.  

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Instant Capability & Document Sharing

Hold verified capabilities anywhere, anytime with or without the net. 

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Transitional Tool -

Skill 4 Work Passport

 Skills-4-Work passports hold work-readiness for smoother transitions.

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Fixing Inclusion with HoldAccess?


We connect people to identity and strongest national proof of first nations cultural heritage identification

HoldAccess for Employers and Employees.


The Diji-Wallet software for employers acts as an information platform improving onboarding, upskilling, industry compliance, and workforce retention. 

Securing Capabilities to Identity - Digital (Diji) Wallet.

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Client & Relief Services

Hold ID to verify skills & capabilities in one place saving time & resources.

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Employment Transitions

HoldAccess to improve work retention, succession, industry compliance management.

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Secure Identification

Hold identification & unlocks accessible information pathways for fast transitions.

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Training Providers

Students are instantly work ready to hold & share skills instantly with certificates. 

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Worker Compliance

Faster certificate sharing verified data with ledgers to verify information anywhere.

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Enterprise work cycle: recruitment-onboard-training-offboard-recruit.

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Employment Recruitment

Innovating the 500 year old resume more nimble, fluent, digitalized & efficient.


People & Work Culture

Practical evidence of first nation identity, building safe workplaces with people first.

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Authenticates vaccination & medical examination certificates to share easily between partners.


Superhuman access with or without mobile access.


Employment /  Members / Volunteers / Boards

Transforms work flows with digital I.D.


Workers / Officials/ PBC / Clients / Volunteers / HR

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What makes HoldAccess work?

We are a diverse team of professionals realigning existing technology from the oldest surviving culture in the world, surviving for more than 60,000 years - tested and proven by time itself. 

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ECB Training Services.

It fits perfectly with procurement conditions when engaging workforce participation rates for a national proof of Aboriginality.  

- It's truly an end-to-end product solution improving safety and transforming business efficiency.   

CEO, Founder HoldAccess.

  HoldAccess has transformed traditional workforce operating segments with an innovative end-to-end employment value-chain.

HoldAccess resolves work compliance risks and saves businesses in lost revenue, by building a more efficient work culture.  

- We are innovating employable workforces with a culture of people first.

Business Solutions Expert, DIH.

A practical software solution and platform to safeguard industry compliance, by presenting enterprises with a more agile streamlined worker management solution that is innovative, fast, and workforce accessible.  

- HoldAccess is your Uber for Human Capital.

Early Adopters & Testimonies

Frequently asked questions

Who uses the HoldAccess Diji-Wallet?

The Diji-Wallet has been built by industry professionals for individuals and businesses alike, and is the choice platform among First Nation Sectors and Native Title Groups.

Is my data on HoldAccess secure?

Just like a credit card or license in your wallet or handbag, the data is stored in the cloud and protected by your unique password with multiple other secure gateways to ensure your information is protected.

Does HoldAccess certify the national proof of Aboriginality?

No, we collate your Aboriginal evidence to display the verified information on a Diji-Card with a photo and culural heritage information used as national proof of Aboriginality where you can use it as the strongest proof of Aboriginality.

Is the information on the Diji-Card verified & can it be used for getting a job or checking industry comliance?