Diverse Identification & Capabilities Wallet. 

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Who is Hold Access?
Hold Access Pty Ltd is the company behind WUNA which is the SAAS platform designed to over come barriers with information equity.

A SAAS (software as a service) solution for business to business to consumers established from December 2019.  We are a for profit company with
 90+ years combined industry experience & knowledge to solve a universal diversity problem with a new world of inclusion technology solution.  There are more than 4 billion people left behind in the digital era, we ensure to leave one foot in the real world and one foot in the digital.  WUNA wallet ensures the transition of information to organizations is physical & digital.

"changing the world by standardizing inclusion standards  KYC for diversity - where social impact is at our core"
- The Founder of Hold Access (WUNA).

Many years have been invested building, testing and developing our adaptive technology solution with a foundation built on an 80 thousand year old first nations Message Stick (ICT).  Which has been the guiding light for advancing information flow between tribes and individuals for many thousands of years in Australia.  It is the x-factor for the survival of the oldest culture in the world to our present day - proven by time itself!

We breath new life into adapted digital (djii) message stick to ensure a continuity of diversity with culture, identity, capabilities that transforms accessibility to verified information instantly.

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What is the WUNA solution?
"WUNA is a Digital Wallet that connects diverse people with the freedom to independently control their information between organizations"
Think, wrap around services guaranteeing inclusion. 

Who WUNA serves?
The undocumented and first nations now have control their data to share: electronic documents & certificates; education; career pathways; and identification gateways.

Servicing all SME partners with SAAS
    Delivering a software as a human management platform empowering your tribes and business outcomes.  

How we break the barriers for information to flow?
"WUNA fixes diversity issues with accessibility between organizations and the under-documented people left behind in our digital era." 

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YouTube Presentation & NBN 2021 Two National Awards.


The freedom to be valued as yourself.

WUNA Access 
for Organizations 


Equal access to diversity with inclusion of verified identification & documented capabilities anytime.

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KYCD  - Your Diversity ID Verification Gateway.

KYDC - Is Impact Diversity & Inclusion Software.  


Empowering KYC for Diversity. 
ICT for diversity, multifactor authentication & cloud repository.   
Saving 75-80% Admin costs!

Get WUNA Access
for Individuals 

To hold their diverse identity & share it with verified capabilities from anywhere.

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KYD - Know Your Diversity.
*Organic CV /Diverse Identity /Permits /ICT /Electronic Documents...  

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Fastest access to grow & build capability on the planet!
Transacts identity with capabilities for purpose from anywhere.  


Transact End to End:
Diversity with 

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ICT for Remote Correspondence.

 Self Determination
with e-Capability.

KYDC = Identification Gateways.

Procurement & 

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Celebrating diversity on the most inclusive identification platform on the planet.


Identification and verified capacity that creates equal opportunity for First Nations people & the Undocumented everywhere. 


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HoldAccess Mission

We partner with valued Organizations where humans are first.









"Our goal is to remove the third world label as an identification, where often the color of your passport or skin tone determines your pay grade"
- The Founder.

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2021 - Indigenous  Business Innovation Champion.

2021 - Australian Business Innovation Champion.

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Certified by the NT Indigenous Business Network.

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National Business Network: Supply Nation Certified.


 Global Ambassador  of First Nations Human Service Standards. 


Accredited Human Service Standards - IHSS.

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